Do Bike Insurance Renewals Have A Grace Period?

We know of how crucial it can get for every vehicle operating on Indian roads to get bike insurance. Additionally, it is against the law to ride a bike without insurance. Thus, it is advisable to renew your bike insurance online or offline before it expires.

What is a grace period in bike insurance?

The grace period is an extension of time that the insurance company gives the policyholder to renew their coverage by paying a premium. In simpler terms, it is a window of time during which you could continue your insurance coverage if you missed the deadline and it has already passed.

Although renewing your insurance policy before it expires is always advisable, you can still take advantage of the break-in period if you need to remember to do so.

Typically, insurers may wish to inspect the bike before renewing two-wheeler insurance in case of a significant lapse in coverage after expiration. The bike insurance price may go up after an inspection. Your insurer may therefore renew two-wheeler insurance without examination if you act immediately.*

Important information about renewing a bicycle insurance policy

  1. Bike insurance break-in period:
  • Generally, a two wheeler insurance renewal plan may not have a grace time or break-in period. Hence, be careful to avoid expiration of your insurance and make the payment by the renewal deadline for your policy.
  • Paying on time ensures you don’t lose out on any advantages of the current insurance plan.
  1. Act-on Indian motor tariffs:
  • According to the Indian Motor Tariff Act, all two-wheelers operating on India’s public roadways must have at least a third-party bike insurance coverage.
  • Due to this, two-wheeler insurance renewals may not qualify for a grace period from insurance companies. A policyholder can make an insurance benefit claim at any moment during an accident with the help of this rule.
  • The insurance policy provides coverage for the insured vehicle and any damage to another vehicle due to any casualty involving the insured vehicle. This often includes any loss, demise, or harm to third-party property or people.*
  1. Bike insurance policy renewal:
  • You can renew your bike insurance online or offline. But compared to offline insurance renewal, renewingyour coverage renewal online is much more convenient.
  • Bike insurance online renewal can be quick, takes a few minutes, and is paperless. To reduce the premium, consider a long-term policy, such as a three or five-year insurance coverage.
  • Standard payment is essential to renew or keep the policy in effect during the grace period, the first 30 days after the premium payment deadline, without losing continuity benefits. Coverage would be exempt if the premium payment stays pending or under renewal until payment.*


It is important to renew your policy on time because you need to avoid losing out on the perks and coverage for your bike. The Indian Motor Tariff Act also prohibits riding a two-wheeler that is not insured.

Therefore, updating your insurance coverage on time can be crucial to prevent penalties or fines. Additionally, if you want to avoid a yearly bike insurance renewal, you can choose long-term plans for 3 or 5 years.*

* Standard T&C Apply

‘Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.‘

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