When to Hire a Staffing Company

Some employers insist on a “hands on” approach to hiring new staff. While there are instances where this strategy might work, it is not always the best. There are times when involving a staffing agency is the way to go as you hire new workers. Here are some of them.

1. When You Don’t Have the Time to Recruit new Staff Yourself
Sometimes you need several positions filled quickly. When you choose to do this in-house, odds are that you will get the wrong people to fill the positions since the human resources department is not equipped to evaluate so many applications in such a short time frame.

A staffing agency will usually already have a list of qualified people who can fill these positions even with the restrictive time line. Since staffing agencies have large networks of people looking for certain types of employment, they can get you the staff you need at the drop of a hat.

2. More Suitable Candidates
Job seekers who submit their applications to staffing agencies do so based on their best skills and the jobs they desire the most. On the other hand, when companies advertise open job positions, people are likely to tweak their resumes to imply suitability to the advertised roles.

As a result, a company that chooses not to involve a staffing agency is likely to end up with people who applied for the job simply because it gave them an opportunity to get a pay check. But with a staffing agency, the recommended hires are usually more sincere about their career goals and their suitability for the jobs they qualify for because they expressed their career preferences and qualifications before the job even came up.

3. Staffing Agencies Offer Broader Expertise
Companies may not always know the best things to look for when hiring some of its critical staff members. For instance, a health institution may do an excellent job of hiring the right medical staff for the facility, but fail miserably when it comes to hiring IT staff members given the industry is in which it operates.

For this reason, involving a staffing agency, which will have the skills to recruit workers in all kinds of industries, is the best option for them. So, any corporation that might have shortcomings in recruiting the people to fill certain positions is better off having a staffing agency do that on their behalf.

4. Keep the Hiring Costs Down
Hiring staff can be an expensive undertaking. In some industries, extensive background checks and medical tests have to be done (at the employer’s expense) before the employee can become part of the organization.

These costs can be avoided by involving a hiring agency. These organizations take the initiative that each applicant they recommend has undergone all the necessary testing to confirm their suitability for the position they are seeking.

5. More Candidates to Work With
Some organizations my require workers in such quantities as to have trouble getting them all within the required time frame. But with staffing agencies, such problems are less likely to occur since these companies have access to larger pools of applicants.

This makes the task of finding many employees much easier. Therefore, less time is lost waiting for more candidates to apply for the advertised positions. Consequently, business is likely to slow down due to inadequate labor, albeit temporarily, when the company decides to find the employees without assistance.

To Sum Up
Staffing companies have plenty of benefits to offer organizations in need of employees. Among other things, these organizations make the process easier, faster, cheaper and more accurate. So, if you realize that you need the services of a staffing company, click here for more.

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