Reasons Why Women Need Comprehensive Health Insurance

Amidst the daily hardships of managing work, family and life, the modern independent woman often ends up paying little to no attention to her personal health. This is because she has to play many roles at her home, work, and other parts of life.These include a working professional, caretaker, responsible daughter, housewife, and many others. Between multi-tasking and wanting to excel in each of these roles, her own health and personal needs often take a back seat.

As you might often hear in pre-flight safety instructions, “Put your oxygen mask on before helping others”. This logic should also be adopted in health, wellness, and financial security. This means that women need to ensure that they’re healthcare needs and personal financial needs are fulfilled. Doing so will help them be healthy physically, mentally, and financially healthy. This, in turn, means that they’d be able to better fulfill their responsibilities and enjoy life. The best way to achieve this is through a comprehensive health insurance policy. Here are few reasons women need to have a comprehensive health plan:

  • Growing medical inflation

The cost of hospitalization these days is extremely high. Regardless of whether it is a critical illness, mild fever, or a major accident, once you enter a hospital, you a guaranteed to take a major blow to your finances. Moreover, there is no telling when any of these conditions might develop. Hence, there is little chance that you could specifically for prepare for it. Without a health insurance policy to cover hospitalization costs, even the simplest instances of hospitalization can lead to higher financial risks. Instead, finding your ideal coverage, checking the right premium through the health insurance premium calculator, and then purchasing the policy can prevent a whole slew of troubles. *

  • Growing health problems for women

Work-related stress, irregular eating habits, insomnia, hormonal imbalances and hectic lifestyles can make women more prone to many lifestyle diseases. These diseases can include diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease among many others. In addition, leading such a lifestyle can also lead to anxiety and other mental disorders.Moreover, there is an entire list of illnesses that only women are affected by. Few of the biggest examples are ovarian cancer, cervical cancer. In view of such uncertain and unpredictable nature of life, it is essential for women to buy comprehensive health insurance. Moreover, they should also consider buying critical illness coverage. Such insurance plans cover the hospitalization costs associated with diseases that are deemed difficult and expensive to treat. *

  • More than group medical insurance

All members of a family must be covered under an individual or family health insurance policy. Often working professionals are offered a group health insurance policy that gives coverage to them and their families. However, both working and non-working women cannot depend on this coverage. There are two reasons for this. The first is that in this age of increasing job uncertainty, relying on your corporate health plan is risky. If you lose your job, you would lose your health coverage as well. The second reason is that buying a health insurance policy after retirement can be difficult and costly because of the potential for pre-existing illnesses. Therefore, an individual or family health insurance policy should be purchased as young as possible. *

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