Can A Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plan Help You Amid Medical Inflation?

The road of life is long and uncertain! In addition to all the positive things life holds, it is also capable of sudden, devastating turns that might leave you hurt, both physically and financially. In addition, the demanding lifestyle brought on by extremes such as junk food, stress, inactivity, and lack of sleep has made healthcare one of the main worries. Additionally, if your family’s budget is not well-prepared for any medical emergencies, the expense of treatment and rapidly rising drug prices could devastate it.

India has the highest medical inflation rate of 14% among Asian nations in 2021, followed by China (12%), Indonesia (10%), Vietnam (10%), and the Philippines (9%), according to a recent report[1]. It serves as a wake-up call for everyone who has not yet purchased a health insurance plan, or is only partially covered. Health insurance has evolved into a fundamental requirement in light of the escalating expense of medical care in India. Your health insurance is your most reliable safety net if you or a family member needs hospital care.

Although there is a lot of awareness about the need for health insurance plans and that the industry in India is expanding quickly, consumers still need clarification. Many people get health insurance without sufficient coverage, and many even believe that the health insurance plan supplied by their job is adequate to cover unforeseen medical costs. *

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Sometimes, health insurance coverage may be insufficient. To prevent this, you should therefore obtain a super top-up (ST) plan. This states that the insurer may pay the hospital bills in full even if your basic health insurance plan does not cover the full amount of the hospital expenses. *

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A Super top-up health insurance plan covers all medical expenses that arise after the deductible threshold has been reached. The deductible is the threshold amount that the insured must pay, either out-of-pocket or through the primary health insurance plan. Health insurance carriers also offer top-up plans, which differ from super top-up plans. A super top-up plan covers the full hospitalisation costs above the threshold limit, whereas a top-Up plan only covers a single claim beyond the threshold limit (basic sum insured).

How to buy a super top-up policy?

You can purchase a Super top-up policy with or without a basic policy. Family floater health insurance basis or individual-based coverage for the entire family are also options. You can purchase a super top-up from your current insurer or any other insurance provider. One must carefully consider the deductible amount before choosing the super top-up policy. The policyholder can pay the deductible out of pocket or through his base policy. *

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An excellent option to increase the scope of a basic health plan’s coverage is with a super top-up health insurance plan. An ST plan aims to ensure you always have medical insurance. As a result, it enables you to submit many medical claims for a single payment. So, a super top-up health insurance plan is a fantastic solution to increase the scope of a basic health plan’s coverage. *

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Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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