How to get cash for your ring after a bad break up  

Do you have an engagement ring from a relationship that didn’t quite work out? Maybe you are divorced and you still have a ring that doesn’t hold a lot of good memories? You can sell the ring and get a good price for it. This could be cash you may need to cover some debts or simply cash you can use to buy something new to spoil yourself. There is no reason to hold on to your old gold jewellery when it holds bad memories. The best thing you can do after a bad break up is to get rid of the old to make room for the new.

So how should you go about selling that engagement or wedding ring?

Take your gold ring to a jeweller to find out what its value is. A jeweller will be able to look at the individual aspects of the ring. You will be able to get a valuation of the stones set on the gold and the gold itself. A jeweller will know what the intrinsic value of your gold jewellery is. A jeweller might even be able to give you some information about the designer. You could be sitting with a ring that has been designed by some famous jewellery designer or is part of a limited edition of designs from a special boutique jeweller. You can get a good price from a jeweller who is willing to pay you more for the intrinsic value of the ring. This might seem like a time consuming and tedious process. There are quicker ways to sell gold jewellery. You can sell gold jewellery at pawn shops or to cash for gold buyers.

You can do a quick internet search to find gold buyers and pawnshops that buy gold in your area. A simple Google search of “sell gold jewellery” should be able to give you a list of gold buyers in your area. You can also use sites like Yelp or CitySearch. Sites like Yelp are great because they show customer reviews that you can use to determine a gold buyer’s reputation and service.

Selling your gold ring to a pawnbroker might not net you the kind of money you might have expected. Pawnshops are notorious for lowballing customers who bring some nice jewellery. They make you feel like they are doing you a favour by buying your jewellery but that is really not the case. Shop around to get a sense of what pawn brokers in your area are willing to offer you.

You can sell your gold ring to a cash for gold dealer. These gold buyers buy all kinds of gold from scrap gold, old and broken jewellery and nice jewellery like engagement and wedding rings. They are more interested in the gold, not what it looks like. So, the intricate design and detailing on your wedding ring will not make a difference. If you have some nice precious stones set into the ring, you should make sure that you discount them from the price by having them removed. You can sell these separately to a jeweller or reset them in a different piece of jewellery.

You don’t have to hold on to your engagement or wedding ring after a bad breakdown. Sell your gold engagement ring and get cash to start afresh.

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