Comparing Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage has become an essential in the face of poor lifestyle, rising number of health-related complications, high costs of medical treatment, and more illnesses and diseases making their way into urban and rural homes. If you have been looking around for the best health plans in India, then what follows is surely for you. Here, we aim to write on why the comparison of health coverage plans is important before their purchase, and a rundown on the top health insurance plans in 2018.

Read on for making a well-informed purchase.

Is It Necessary to Compare Health Insurance?

It is crucial to thoroughly compare various health insurance policies prior to zeroing in on one. This is important to understand how extensive or comprehensive the coverage of any given policy is. Given below are some good reasons why you should compare and buy health insurance on aggregator sites like

1. To understand the coverage for medical inflation

The mercurial rise in medical treatment and hospitalization costs is only bound to rise in the years to come. Given this scenario, it is important to understand how different plans are likely to serve you in the face of medical inflation. The policy purchased by you should remain in sync with the current and future economic situation to give the best returns at the time of claim filing.

2. Features and scope of coverage

Proper comparison of health insurance plans online will help you ascertain whether you will be provided cover for pre and post hospitalization costs, maternity and childcare expenditure, dental care, certain day care procedures, nursing facilities at home, etc. or not. As sudden hospitalization or medical emergencies may drill a deep hole in your pocket, it is important that you compare the scope and extent of coverage before making your purchase. A comprehensive health insurance policy would ensure that you attain the best possible treatment rather than stress about hefty medical expenses later on.

3. To understand the categories of health insurance and their coverage

In most cases, health policies are divisible into two broad categories:

1. Indemnity

Such policies are known to compensate policyholders for the actual expenditures incurred for availing medical treatment at networked facilities. Herein, the actual amount will be paid to you regardless of whether it is greater or lesser than the sum assured. The main benefits offered by these plans are emergency ambulance, pre and post hospitalization coverage, day care procedure expenses, maternity benefits, etc. The various individual health insurance plans and family floater plans fall in this category.

2. Lump-sum benefit plans

Under such a health plan, the full sum insured is payable as and when the insured events take place across the policy’s tenure. The various health plans encompassed in this category include plans for critical illness insurance, etc.

Given that there are several criteria for comparing the different health insurance plans available in India, it is prudent to make use of different comparison tools online to make sound purchase decisions.

Some of the Well Preferred Health Insurances in India

Following are some of the top health insurance policies that you may want to consider for yourself or your loved ones right away.

1.Apollo Munich Easy Health

Provided by Apollo Munich Health Insurance, this plan is among the best in its class and can be considered for securing your health concerns to the fullest. It provides in-patient treatment for giving you cover for hospitalization expenses for timeframes extending beyond 24 hrs. The plan also offers pre-hospitalization cover for 60 days along with providing protection for 144 types of different day-care medical expenses.

2. ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance- iHealth

ICICI Lombard Complete Health Plan offers several beneficial features like free health check-up, cashless hospitalization, emergency ambulance cover, free-look period of 15 days, lifelong renewability option, tax benefits, etc. You will get to enjoy cashless facilities at many cashless network hospitals by availing this plan.

3. Religare Health Insurance- Care

Religare care, a comprehensive health insurance policy of high repute, safeguards your family and you against the financial repercussions of facing a medical emergency. The many benefits of this plan include cover for day care procedures, room rent, ICU charges, ambulance charges, domiciliary expenses, medical check-ups and pre/post-hospitalization costs, etc.

Conclusion provides access to several other health insurance plans, insurance comparison tools and an online premium calculator for your benefit. Get your health insured at the earliest so as to get the best possible cashless treatment at a network hospital when the need arises.

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