Cash Is Gross, Why Are You Still Carrying It?

Having cash feels like more of a hassle than a convenience these days. Who uses cash anymore? We have so many other ways to pay these days like credit cards, NFC Apple or Google pay services, or even Venmo, where you don’t even need to touch anything to anything, you can just send someone money to anyone. In modern society money barely ever actually equals currency, in fact the entire structure that money is established on isn’t based on real currency. They only print currency for people to exchange, the country of America has way more money than currency…

Here are just a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t carry money with you.

It’s Dirty – It is disgusting to think how many people have touched every bill that you handle. Even if it looks crisp and printed yesterday, it is still dirty, and has still exchanged many hands before it reached yours. There is nothing else that gets passed around as much as money does, so why would you want to touch that. They say that most dollar bills have traces of cocaine on them because dollar bills are so frequently used to snort… which means your bill may have even been in someone’s nose.

You could lose it – If you lose your wallet full of credit cards, nothing happens. You call, you cancel all of them, and if there are any charges you dispute them and tell the credit card company it wasn’t you. You lose nothing. If you lose a wallet full of $500 in cash. You’re never going to see that money again. Even if someone returns the wallet, they will most likely keep the money and say it was gone when they found it. Why risk it?

It makes your wallet huge – Gone are the days of storing receipts and cash in your wallet. We just don’t need that anymore, companies are starting to wise up to this and make amazing sleek wallets that is pretty much just for credit cards and your ID. Having a huge wallet makes your pants fit poorly because of your enormous bulging wallet in the pocket, and it can have detrimental effects on your spine if you put it in your back pocket and sit on it all the time. It throws your whole body out of alignment.

The fees – If you generally don’t carry cash and suddenly you need it, you’re not going to leave wherever you are to find your appropriate bank ATM, you’ll just use whatever is close and you’ll pay around $3 to do it. Sure, doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up quickly, especially when you are frequently withdrawing cash.

You’ll spend it faster – Spending cash is easy, nothing to swipe, nothing to sign for, just drop the money on the counter and go. Try putting $100 cash in your wallet and saving it for a while, it feels almost impossible. It feels like free money because when you spend it your account doesn’t go down, and your credit card debt doesn’t go up. You are most likely monitoring your bank account much more frequently than anything else, so when you spend you can see it leave. With cash, it’s already gone… so why not spend it.

As a society, we are not done with cash, we still need it for various transactions, and it’s not going anywhere. A lot of the reasons mentioned above are pretty privileged situations, and some people don’t have the luxury of credit cards, or Apple Pay or Venmo, and I want to be sensitive to that, however, if you are privileged in the way I described above where you can avoid cash successfully, do it! You won’t miss it.

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