Five Tips on Growing Your Wealth from Point A to Point B

I normally talk about things like debt management and debt consolidation. Today I am going to change direction. I am going to discuss ways you can amass a small fortune and keep it. Some people are born with money. Others have to work their butts off to become wealthy. It does not matter how you get there. The point is you get there and stay there. It might take you a while to amass a $1 million, but you can also lose it in one second. That is why learning about wealth management is so important.


You need to avoid the get-rich-schemes. They do not work. Wealthy people want to preserve what they have. You should pick your stocks and bonds carefully. Diversify your portfolio. Avoid the scammers as much as you can. You should build your wealth slowly.

Retirement Savings

You should make your retirement savings a priority. Some of you might not be in a position where you can, and that is okay. Those who can need to start putting money aside. Some of you might have grown accustomed to a specific style of living. Do you want to keep it? Retirement savings can help. A little bit goes a long way. You have a lot of options, including a 401(k) plan. Decide what works best for you and start planning. You may not be able to be a millionaire, but at least you are not living hand to mouth. 

Learn to Reduce Your Tax Burden

You are going to pay extra taxes. You might want to get used to it. The wealthy know how to reduce their tax bill. They know how to pay less and save more. Start doing your research online to find out how to do that. The more you know about your taxes, the better off you will be. 

Protect Yourself

Protect yourself in case something happens. In other words, most wealthy people do not rely on one source of income. Living paycheck to paycheck is not going to get you there. You need to have other resources to keep the money coming in. It can take 10 years to earn $100 million and less than that to lose it. 

Leverage Debt

You can leverage some of your debt to your advantage. A mortgage is a great example of that. The mortgage you pay every month is adding value to your home. The value goes up once the mortgage is paid.  

Work hard for your money. Learn discipline. It is called earning your way the old-fashioned way. The harder you work to earn your way, the more you appreciate what you have once you get it.

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