Here’s Why You Should Always Travel on Frequent Flyer Points

If you often travel via airplanes, you may know about frequent flyer points. However, not everyone knows how to make the most of their flyer points. These points or miles are a gift to loyal passengers by the airline. You can redeem your accumulated points to travel to your destination, go shopping or spend vacations away from the hassles of your routine life.

All major airlines offer frequent flyer points to show that they value their customers. The more you travel with them, the more points you will obtain. However, many people don’t focus on managing their points and let them expire. As a consequence, they fail to reap the benefits of frequent flyer miles.

How to Redeem Your Points?

The rewards vary with airlines. You can go through the details of rewards offered by your airline and then choose the rewards that suit you the most. You can redeem your points in multiple ways, such as:

·        Air Tickets

You can use your frequent flyer points to book a flight. Although many people consider it a waste of flyer points, it helps you reduce your travelling expenses. If you don’t want to spend your entire points on an air ticket, you can payup to 15% of ticket price via credit card or in cash.

·        Flight Upgrades

Big airlines usually have many partners. You can buy a ticket for an airline and upgrade it with the help of your frequent flyer points. It helps you enjoy premium facilities at discounted costs.

·        Hotel Bookings

If you intend to travel to another location for business purpose or a vacation, you can use your flyer miles to book a room at a hotel or a resort. Well-known airlines, such as Qantas Airways, facilitate their passengers to book hotel rooms at discounted rates.

·        Events

If you’re a sport enthusiast, you should keep track of your frequent flyer points to ensure that they don’t go waste. Redeem your points to attend top sports events or meet your favourite sports players. You can also purchase sports or fitness apparel from your favourite sports brands.

·        Car Rental

You can save money on car rental service with your frequent flyer points. You can book a vehicle to make your stay more comfortable at a new place.

·        Gifts

You can surprise your friends or family members with frequent flyer points. If you’re unable to choose gifts for upcoming birthdays, you can buy points as a gift. Your friends can redeem these points as they wish.

Not many people know that you can top up and buy frequent flyers points without travelling. You can go shopping at recommended stores, fill online surveys and have meals at restaurants recommended by your airline to accumulate more points. Not only can you get more flyer points this way, you can also avail huge discounts.

If you’re a frequent traveller, you should keep track of your points. Aside from travelling for free, you can claim top-notch facilities with these points, such as access to business class lounges, extra luggage capacity and priority check-ins.


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