Bringing the outdoors in: How I merged my garden with my living space

Ever since my childhood, I’ve been obsessed with the outdoors.

It meant that when I moved into my apartment, without a balcony, life was tough. I didn’t have that garden that I’d made the most of as a child and even though time was naturally more at a premium now I was working and so on, I still missed it.

I’m slightly luckier now. I only lasted in that apartment for a couple of years and ever since then I’ve made sure that any house or apartment I have lived in has some form of outdoor space.

As most of you know, I currently have a medium sized garden. One of my key aims over the past twelve months has been trying to merge this outdoor space with my living space. In other words, making the two work together. Today, I’d like to show my readership just how I made my outdoors blend seamlessly into my interiors.

Firstly, let’s talk about the use of plants and flowers – which seems an obvious starting point. In the first case, it was all about growing ferns in decorative pots. The ferns were actually a gift from my mother who had grown them herself! Regardless of how they arrived into my home, this was the first thing I did, and this whetted my appetite for continuing the process of bringing the outdoors, in.

I have also made it my aim to constantly refresh with new flowers from Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers started delivering to my neighborhood a few years ago, and I’ve never looked back. Just like plants, it’s the easiest possible way to merge inside and outside. There’s some fantastic inspiration on this Avas Flowers social page if you want a helping hand.

Secondly, there is also the use of greenery as decoration. In this instance, I have added several potted succulents to my living room shelves and they look great alongside other decorative items such as candles and glass bottles filled with sand or pebbles.

As well as using real plants indoors for decoration purposes – something which is fairly common nowadays – I also like to add indoor ‘garden’ features into my home too. These include things like miniature trees or hedges made out of fake plastic grass (which looks very realistic)! This adds an extra dimension to your home decorating scheme because it gives you something else interesting on top of what you already have going on around your house…and these types of features can be relatively cheap too if you’re looking for ways to save money when decorating your home!

Finally, the use of a ‘green’ color scheme is also something I like to do. Green is one of my favorite tones anyway and it’s not hard to see why! In this instance, I have added green cushions onto my sofa which matches the curtains perfectly (which then matches my green garden!).

Overall, the use of plants and flowers is something I highly recommend to anyone who wants to merge their garden with their living space. It’s a great way of adding an extra dimension to your home decorating scheme because it gives you another area in which you can express yourself creatively… and if done correctly, it can look absolutely stunning too!

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