5 Reasons to Major in Accounting

Accounting might not be, on the face of it, the most exciting-sounding major. But as majors go, it’s one of the safest investments you can make. Not only is accounting part of nearly every industry worldwide, it comes with a lot of job security and a skill set that’s always in demand. Here are just a few reasons to consider a master’s in accounting.

1. You’ll Always Be in Demand

As one of the oldest and most time-honored professions in the world, accounting can be found at the heart of nearly every major industry around the world. Because of this, you’ll not only have your pick of industries, fields, and job types; you’ll have your pick of location. Having accounting skills means you can work in a diverse amount of industries, from creative to corporate to non-profit, and can do it from nearly any outpost in the world. As a younger person studying accounting, you’ll also be able to take advantage of a lot of job openings left by older people on the verge of retirement. Since younger people don’t tend to choose accounting as a major, older workers hold many of these jobs and stay in them until retirement. Choosing accounting means you’ll be ahead of the curve, and ahead of the competition.

2. You’ll be Well Compensated

Accountants are a valued asset to any company. Most companies are well aware of this and take pains to pay their accountants well. The average starting salary for an accountant is 53,000 a year, which outweighs the standard salary for a college graduate (45,000) by nearly 10,000 extra dollars. As you get more work as an accountant, (or continue for long enough at the same company,) that figure is bound to go up.

3. It’s Future-Proof and Recession-Proof

Whether you attend an on-campus institution like Sarah Lawrence College or pursue a masters in accounting online, your degree will count as protection against the changing tide of trends and financial patterns in the future. Accounting is, according to Salary.com, the number one recession proof job across the world. An accounting degree means you’ll most likely never be out of work, no matter what the future brings.

4. You Can Choose Your Own Hours

Accountants in certain industries have the privilege of setting their own schedule. For instance, tax accountants, in addition to being able to take off the rest of the year after working up until the tax deadline, are paid a full year’s salary no matter what. In other industries, an onsite accountant simply isn’t necessary, making it easy for you to be able to work from home or only come into the office part time.

5. You’ll Learn Skills You Can Use Throughout Your Life

Whether it’s filing your taxes, calculating your mileage, or simply budgeting in everyday life, the skills you learn in accounting will take you far in many other, non-work-related areas of your life. The need for math skills is essential to many everyday activities, and your mastery of numbers and figures will serve you well in whatever other life pursuits you choose.

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